M2P top sensor

HI Guys

trying to work out if there’s anyway to turn off the top sensor on my M2P, or at least rduce the proximity alert so I can get closer than 3 feet to an object above the drone.

Any suggestions welcome

I’ve not found a way to reduce the distance but you are able to turn it off if it is really a problem. I don’t have my drone here with me to check, but look for a setting something like “visual sensors”. I have done this a few times to get the shot I wanted… just remember to turn it back on!!

can’t turn the upward sensor off, even in visual sensors

spoke to dji and they said not possible apparently

Hi Lee. If DJI says this is the case well I guess it must be. The next question has to be, why have the option to turn off all the sensors apart from this one?

they said for safety so you don’t hit things above you, I guess beacuse that’s where the props are but Someone on a different forum said if you get too close the drone would get sucked up

Like a sort of inverted ground effect? More lift at lower rpm as you approach the ceiling.

Makes sense. Lost count of the amount of times I’ve had whoops stuck to the ceiling and you need to almost shut off the throttle to get it down.

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Wow… you learn something new every day.

luckily haven’t had it happen yet going to try not to as well. thanks for confirming though

Just a thought … tape over the sensor? Would it complain and not even take off, or just render the sensor inoperative?

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Or stick a photo of something 8 feet away over it…

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Or a mirror pointing in a direction where there’s nothing to avoid? :rofl:

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What’s that phrase… necessity is the mother of invention.

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oooo maybe I’ll give these a go when I have my 2nd one in case it goes wrong. Have a few jobs coming up

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That could work. :+1:

Might have to tape only half the sensor to avoid IR being bounced straight back into the receiver.

I cant remember if the emitter and receiver is visible but I’m sure some trial and error would work.

Bit of tape over the receiver section would work best.

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Off you go … see if you can hit the ceiling! :wink:

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I’m curious but not that much.


Tried this yet? :wink:

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not yet ozone, need the drone for some jobs this week, don’t want to break it