M2P Vision Sensor Calibration problem

Hey guys, my M2P is asking me to recalibrate the vision sensors so that’s what I’m trying to do.

Connecting to DJI assistant and showing connected but when selecting calibrate sensors all I get is this screen

Its says at the top left to do something with red and green boxes which are not showing up.

Any clues?

First time I’ve used this assistant thing.

Are you running v2.0.14 ?

Litrally just run to the shop ill double check that soon as I get back. :ok_hand:

I’ve calibrated mine a couple of times could be you have the wrong version of DJI assist as there’s more than one version.

Version V1.2.5

Downloading V2 now

Think v2 is what you need. Bit tricky at first just follow the coloured square round with the drone held central to screen.

Successful calibration :ok_hand: just downloaded the wrong version it seems. Thanks guys.

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When out flying my Mavic 2 pro last weekend in the fog and even before I took off I had an error saying I needed to calibrate the vision sensors using DJI assistant on pc. I just turned them off for the flight just incase it sent the drone out of control and everything was fine. Anyone else came across this before? Also could that have been to do with the weather?

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Hello mate i had this same thing a few weeks back.

not sure what kicked it off but a simple fix.

Combined the two threads.

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