M2Z - Downward Right Vision Sensor Error (2)

Hi there I have a mavic 2 zoom and it says vision system error downard right vision sensor error (2) yesterday I download the dji assist 2 for mavic and completed the calibration I then tested the drone and the error had cleared but this morning I turned the everything on to check and the error has come back any suggestions please guys? Thanks

Have you taken a very close up photo of the sensors? In case there’s some physical damage or obstruction?

Hi What do you mean like on my phone and then check the pics?

Well, maybe not with your phone camera, but I would if you’ve got something that can take a decent macro, or examine with a magnifying glass just in case?

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I’m also guessing you’ve not crashed or dropped it?

No haven’t crashed or dropped it weird as I have had sensor warning go off yesterday after calibration completed tried it in back garden all good then this morning powered it back up and straight away warning was on dgi go app

Piece of grass stuck somewhere :thinking::thinking:

No mate Carnt see anything