MA2 quickshot video - camera blanks out

BIt of a wierd one, and I can’t readily find an answer from professor Google.

Took the MA2 out this morning to reshoot a couple of vertical zoom videos I did without me looking gormlessly up at the aircraft this time. I shot them manually, all went swimmingly, then I tried to do a quickshot video circling a local WW2 concrete bunker (Who’d have thought Tamworth was worth invading???).

The moment I selected the circle quickshot, the camera view went white. I still had control of the drone itself, gimbal angle etc, and using the button on the controller to switch mode back to photo restored the camera view instantly. But having tried it several times on video, the view stayed white. It did the same for the spiral quickshot

I’ve done the obvious thing of updating the firmware, every camera setting is in auto, and still photos look as good as ever, as do the two videos I shot manually, but no progress on the quickshot video modes. It took a stills panoramic faultlessly as well, but no quickshot video.

Any thoughts on where I’m going wrong? I haven’t used the quickshot modes for a couple of months, what with one thing and another, so if I’m missing something obvious and I’m being thick. just say so :slight_smile:

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Could it be that you have selected manual exposure settings?

I think depending if you change from photo to video, it remembers the exposure settings of video and photo, hence sometimes when you change from video to photo, it could become white (completely overexposed).

I hope this helps

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That it really weird @nick2491 really can’t think of an explanation apart from what @Mind_the_gap suggested. It’s the kind of thing I do all the time but I do tend to return to auto exposure after using manual but a totally white screen???


I’m still unsure…I’m still learning to fly the drone properly and haven’t really moved onto tinkering with the photography side of things much, so if I have put it in manual at any point, it was by accident. Don’t know though, as the manually shot vertical zoom videos worked fine. Mystery.

I flew it in the garden a couple of hours later, and everything worked perfectly. I don’t think I’m ever going to know! Thank you for your suggestions.

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