Made it onto Wales Online

I had some messages Wednesday via YouTube and Facebook wanting to know if I would be willing for Wales Online to use part of one of my videos.
They have cut it about quite a bit and changed the music but at least I’ve been credited.


I’ve never seen that or heard of it before. It must take some gardening upkeep. Well done man!


Well done mate.

It’s also earned you a celebrity badge


Thanks @notveryprettyboy, I hadn’t until I was doing some searching on YouTube looking for local things to fly.
That was over two years ago now.

Thanks @callum, I do like a badge :smile:



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Thank you, hard to believe I shot it over two years ago.

Well they also used one of my photos in the South Wales Echo.
Nice of them to let me know and give me no recognition :angry:
Excuse the crap phone pic.


Invoice them £1000


I take it they’re the online and print arms of the same company? If they asked you to sign a release, you may have given them rights across their ‘empire’. Would be nice to get some recognition for the pic though, eh? :frowning:

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Recognition don’t put presents under the tree, money is much nicer



(Not mine, but I’ve seen it referenced quite a few times on Twitter after the DM have ‘borrowed’ somebody’s work)

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A great read

I’ll dig out the thread but I refused the DM some use of my video on the GADC Humber Bridge meet, citing their negative reporting on drone users. (and they wanted it for free)


It didn’t make a thread but was PM’s between several members, anyway the reply I sent to the DM went as follows…(never did get a reply)

Hi Dan

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the drone video I took at the weekend of the Humber Bridge.

Unfortunately I cannot let you use this video, my reasoning for this decision is mainly due to the negative attitude in the mainstream press around drone flying and the hobby in general as you are probably aware of, further to be honest the video was cobbled together very quickly to share with other members of the Grey Arrows Drone Club and given time I could offer you a better version.

If this is of interest to you, I can speak with other members of the group who were with me on Sunday and get together more footage, in particular some very good sunrise video that was taken on the morning.

Hope this helps, and thank you for your understanding.



So realistically what do you think I should do Chris?

I didn’t sign anything, he contacted me via YouTube and Facebook saying they were running a story about the sculpture and would I give permission for them to use the video.
I said yes as long as I’m giving credit and a link to my YouTube channel which he agreed, he also said he would take some stills from the video.
The stills have my name under them but the video has been cut to pieces and the music changed.
He also only stated Wales Online and nothing about the South Wales Echo.
I was fine with what he stated but that didn’t happen so the more I think about it the more it gets my back up.


Richard, I’d try the route that @JoeC has posted,

An email costs nothing. I would ask why they have used your work without permission or credit.

Start big, £1000 for a days work isn’t too much to ask


Thanks Chris, that will have to wait until I’m off work in a few days, 14 hour days with early starts plus driving 40 minutes each way I’m a little tired to think.

Hot on the heels of @MementoMori I’ve had a couple of pictures printed in the local paper too.

No where near as interesting as @MementoMori’s though :blush:

Not sure what they’ve done to the picture quality though :scream:

Interestingly, these pictures / story hasn’t shown up on any other Johnson Press web site. I checked a few local ones, no trace :man_shrugging:


That makes you 8th member to receive the Celebrity badge @PingSpike

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