Magnetic charger lead for mavic 2 controller

does anyone use a Magnetic Micro USB Cable to charge the mavic 2 controller and if so have you experienced any magnetic problems.
i have been reading a lot about the flimsy port on the side
if they are safe to use what would be a good brand to buy in the uk.

This was posted just the other day.

thanks Ozonevibe
just wondering if the magnetism has any effect on the left stick or any other sensitive electronics inside the controller.

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It doesn’t have any effect whatsoever. I’ve been flying with it for 2 years with no issue whatsoever

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Same here, has no effect at all.

I use on had no issues so far other than shutting down the second usb port

Yeah, that can be a problem with the side port.
It’s amazing how many people do not realise that anything plugged into the side port, automatically disables the bottom port !

so if the magnetic bit is in can you still use the usb on the bottom to connect to phone

No, it has to be removed before the bottom USB port becomes active.
This applies to the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, M2, etc.
I very rarely use the bottom port, only when connecting my IPad.

So - you have to keep taking the magnetic connector out?
Doesn’t that mean …
a) it’s just something else to lose, and
b) since you have to keep putting it in to charge the RC, it’s no different to using a normal cable?

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Yes, can be removed, but, I more often than not leave it in.
And yes, it is easily lost !.
Spare ones are fairly cheap, about a fiver for 4.

So you use the magnetic connection for connecting to the phone as well?

I only use it if I am connecting it to my iPad ,and charging the controller.
I have one more or less permanantly connected to my phone

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You have to be careful to get the right type.
You need the one that is Data, as well as Power.
Some of them ONLY charge, with no data connection.
Some you reverse to get data, then turn 180 degrees to get power.
I think I am right in saying it works with Power both ways, but, Data only one way.

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I marked mine with a Dremel, so I know which way it is orientated.

Always had Android phones and have so many USB leads all over the place that I’m used to checking and never had a problem charging the RC.
Surprised the M2 RC hasn’t gone to USB3, though.
Also surprised it’s seems that whilst staying with the previous USB connector, they’ve not updated the RC socket shape to minimise mistakes. The rectangular aperture is a tad crass.

That, did surprise me, when I got my M2P that they had not changed the connector to USB3.
Must have a load of connectors to use up!.

No. The magnetic connector stays in permanently. It has no effect on the bottom port

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No. The end stays in permanently. It has no effect on the bottom USB

I stand corrected, you are right Brian , just tried it with my Air.
They must have changed it in a firmware update.
I remember it being like it with my Mavic Pro in the early days.

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