Magpie Mine, Mavic Pro

The atmospheric remains of Magpie Mine are one of the best places to visit in the Peak District and one of the top industrial heritage sites in Derbyshire. It was the last working lead mine in the Derbyshire orefield and is probably the best surviving example anywhere in the UK of a 19th century lead mine. The mine has a fascinating history spanning more than 200 years of bonanzas and failures, of bitter disputes and fights resulting in the “murder” of three miners, and a Widows’ Curse that is said to remain to this day.


Nice shots there. Just wondering did you need any kind of permission to fly in the Peak District?

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In the Peak District you only need permission (or at least non-objection) of the landowner. Peak District National Park bye-laws prohibit flying “model aircraft” from open-access land owned by the National Park, but Magpie Mine is not in open-access land, so it doesn’t apply at this location.

The Peak District National Park advice also notes restrictions on flying in SSSIs, but again, Magpie Mine is not in a SSSI.


PS: You can find a map of open-access land here (England only).

The MAGIC map is maybe more useful, as it has layers for Open Access land (menu → Access → Countryside Rights of Way Act Access Layer) as well as SSSIs (menu → Designations → Land-Based → Statutory → SSSIs England etc). You can use the Identify tool on the map to identify specific areas and find out more about them e.g. whether there’s something in the SSSI that you should be aware of, such as breeding birds.

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Not on this occasion mate.

Thank you.