Maiden flight in my local playing fields

Well I eventually managed to get the Phantom 3S in the air, as it was my first flight I kept things simple and selected playing fields that were not in use. Mind you it was freezing and I did get battery warnings about the cold conditions, even though I was fully charged up.

Preflight checks cleared and took off at 2.31. Hovered at eyesight level, turned right and return, turn left and return. Forwards and ascend to 25 metres and hover. Pivot right then left, ascended further to 30 metres. Selected home land and drone returned to home spot and landed briefly, took off again for further familiarisation with controls and retuned home again and landed at 14.47. So a 16 minute flight with about 35% of remaining battery power.

I have already secured Article 16 authorisation and am current studying for A2CofC, I assume the above detailed flight description will count towards my practical flight requirement?

Am now keen to fly again and finesse what I have learned. Also need to workout how to recover flight logs to my Mac. But an enjoyable start.

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Flight logs: I recommend AirData UAV. There’s a free version or you can get a discount on a paid-for version as a Grey Arrows member.

There are detailed instructions on how to sync your flight logs, or where you cannot directly sync them to extract and upload them.


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Thanks, I’ll take a look at this.

They’ll be happy with an airdata upload or a simple spread sheet - date - location - weather - flight time

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