Make or buy?

The last thing I need right now is another quad, but I have this spare Crossfire receiver so…

I’ve been putting together a parts list because I think I’d like to do a build from scratch. But half the parts are out of stock at UK suppliers and then I go and find a similar specced Eachine PnP on Banggood for £10 less than the sum of the parts.

It’s probably going to be in bits at some point, so do I really need to go through the faff of waiting for all the parts to be in stock, and all that soldering? :laughing:

If it’s the Wizard I wouldn’t bother, build your own it’s more fun and satisfying :+1:t2:

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What he says :point_up: :+1:

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Actually looking at the LAL 3.

But in this instance I might just manage to hold off the impulse buying.

In many hobbies there’s always been the argument of build or buy, with many saying if you can’t build then you’re not a real (insert hobby) hobbyist.

To that I say bollocks. If you like building then build, I do, that’s why I do it. But if building isn’t your thing you shouldn’t be forced to do it through peer pressure.

I enjoy flying LOS fixed wing models. I buy ARF/PNF for convenience, and because I have neither the tools nor a work area large enough or suitable to fabricate an equivalent full framed fuselage.

There was a time that building a multirotor was more economical than buying an equivalent off the shelf option. That no longer rings true, so if it makes more economic sense to buy rather than build then go for it.