Malta - 2019 trip

I hope the following helps when taking a drone to Malta:
I purchased a Mavic Air in July this year, and thought I would take on my upcoming hols to Malta (2019), looking around for info on what I had to do, I found the following websites:
Malta Transport - Official website
Drone Traveller - Useful information

I provided the following information:

  • Filled in the self declaration form

  • Sent them a copy of my insurance from FPVUK

  • A google map with all the areas I wanted to fly

  • Dates I would in Malta

  • Sent a link to the DJI Mavic Air specs page

I submitted the form on Friday 12th July via email to: , I was flying out on Tuesday 16th, so thought I would take the MA with me just in case.
I got an automatic reply saying it would take 10 working days to look into my request.
Then about three hours later I got an email from The Inspecting Officer, Air Navigation Services & Aerodromes, to say I was “free to use my drone in Malta in accordance with the parameters that you have declared.”

I flew with TUI, looking on their website, they state, in item 35 of their permitted list, that drones “can be safely carried on TUI Airways flights..” Link to pdf file
I purchased a couple of CamKix Explosion Proof LiPo Battery Bags, I made sure the batteries were down to about 20%.
I had a copy of the email saying I could fly the drone, copy of the insurance and the technical manuals with me in the camera bag, just in case.
I had no problems going through security with them as carry on items, along with my other camera gear, same when I flew into and out off Malta.
My experience was a good one, with no problems whatsoever.

Hope this helps.


Great !, Thanks Richard, Glad you had a good experience in Malta.

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Brilliant information @Salisbury_Drone - thanks for taking the time to type it all up and share! :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing, just looking at Malta.

I have posted some videos from my recent trip to Malta:



Thanks for all that useful info. Been to Malta many times without drone. Next time with.

@Manty my pleasure.
Great flying around Malta plenty of open spaces little or no people.