Looking at putting a Mamba stack in the Nazgul, didn’t realize there was so many, could anyone one please advise which would do the job as I’m totally confused .com

u using dji pal ? @BigDog i use mamba stacks and are amazing i use this one Mamba F722 DJI MK2 Flight Stack 50A BL_32 (3-6S) – Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

but if u want the extra feature u can get this one which has 128k pwm frequency which is better than the standard esc from diatone which can only support either 48k or 42k cant remeber

I’ve used both mamba and the iflight f7 & F4 stacks and fc’s.

I tend to go for which of the two are in stock

yh thats tru i orderned one from the american store and only took a week to arrive

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Cheers Ben, Iv hear there the dogs danglers, I’m not sure about all the bells and whistles one as it outside of my knowledge :thinking:

Like the first one bit more simple, can just ask one more thing I noticed they come in 50A 55A and even 60,Is this what the board can take ???

the AMPS are per esc u have 4 escs on the board for example if you have a 55A esc each esc can take up to 55amps at any one time. so basically a 55 amp esc is a 220 amp esc shared between all 4. usually a quad uses between 50 amps to 110 amps at one time so is well in the limits. but they can spike.

also let my add the c rating on the bat is the amps it gives so a 130c bat can give 130 amps constanly and spike to like 180 amps which ur capacitor may absorb most of it but i think also the esc will absoarb some of it which makes noise in the motors etc

Brilliant thanks for that mate … :+1:t3:

all good mate anytime

Im thinking this one is looking favorable, Im buying the rest of the stuff off banggood hence save on the P+P .

only problem with that one it is blheli s but u can work with it just the old firmware on the esc. if ur not a tuneing freak it wont be a problem

Ok, well if that’s the only issue with it that shouldn’t be a problem as I know as much about tuning as I do about stacks :rofl: :rofl:

I’m not sure if its a sin or I’m short changing myself in the department but I tend to go with Betaflights tunes, If I’m on the same page as you ?.

with blheli s just a few features ur mssing out on i havent personaly used it blheli 32 is the standard now adays up to u pal i would got for the heli32 but its entirely up to u

there is no wrong answer they both do the same thing

This really blowing my mind as cant seem to find what Im looking for on BG or Aliexpress… Having looked into BL32 and BLS Im going to take Ben’s advice and stick with the BL32.

To a newbie this is mind bending stuff, on AlieX there calling them mini’s which I would assume would be a 20x20 but it seems not or are they…

I would like to get everything from the same supplier as it make sense, well it does to me :thinking:

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful, plus I really should get some work done today :thinking:

I bought that stack about a month ago from a UK supplier - UnmannedTechShop I think (or might have been HobbyRC) and it was less than that. £80 I think. Great little stack. Yes it’s a ‘mini’ 20x20 mounting but the solder pads are nice and big so it’s easy to setup and install. It’s also really nicely made - you mount the ESC from the bottom and the FC is fixed on top. Difficult to describe but if you look for my 7" build thread in this category of the forum, you’ll see more details.

75A per ESC is probably waaaaay more than you need, but nice to know you’re well within the limits of your hardware. The little alu heatsink case around it is also a nice touch.

Cheer mate, I’m after the 30x30 for a Nazgul it might be that there a popular stack and hard to come by in a 30x30 in BL32

You could get away with just replacing the FC if you already have the ESC’s in the Nazgul.

This one should work with your dji air unit too.

Oky doky as to draw a bloody brain swelling line under this and hopefully get back to doing some work tomorrow, I’m going to go with this one that Ben has recommended.

I know Mamba get good reviews @Howard78 thanks for the heads up on the iflight 1 but I fancy something different in this Nazgul. Would have tried different motors as well but the Xing ones are part of the offer.

Thanks to everyone that has advised/help me on this one :+1:t3: its been a real brain drain well maybe for me :exploding_head: :rofl: :rofl:

Just need a Run cam now was thinking Caddx pro but someone mentioned a some other make but not sure what compatible with Vista…

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