Manual land Mavic Air

I hadnt watched the video in this thread and was about to say, im sure this happened to @ianinlondon as well.

Was one of first videos of his I watched.

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I’ve just realised I’ve made a massive error, the video is about a Mavic
Pro, not Air.
Still, I would imagine the same applies to both??

Can’t see why they both won’t do exactly the same thing - whatever that is exactly with current firmware. Phantoms too … they all use the same logic for RTH.

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I agree with Dave, in that I think the Air would do the same, and important to remember that the range of the battery is less on the Air, and drops even more quickly. As I found out really loosing mine! If the battery gets too low, even with RTH on, it will start to reduced its height and land, so make sure it’s over dry land!

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I always RTH at 30% and try to be landed by 20%, especially if I’m over water or somewhere inaccessible.

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Very wise, I seen a few youtubers reducing rth to 25 or even 20% but then realised they were flying Mavic Pro’s meaning they a bit more latitude.

OK - a few tests done … within the limitations of my garden.

With Landing Precision = On. Take off and fly to other end of garden.

  1. If it lands, the motors power down.
  2. After motors have powered down, the RTH option greys out in Go4, and there’s no response to the RC’s RTH button.
  3. If you re-start motors and take off, a new RTH location is created.

With Landing Precision = Off. Take off and fly to other end of garden.

  1. You can land without the motors powering down (if you’re really quick on the control - otherwise they power down.)
  2. The RTH option does not grey out in Go4. Pressing the RC’s RTH button did bring up the confirmation slider-button. (Too close to Home Point [within 20m] to take off, though, so it just powered down. Need longer garden. :wink: )
  3. If you take off again (without powering down the motors), a new Home Point is not created.
    (In the confines of my garden and associated overhead telephone lines - I wasn’t inclined to switch off the RC … but I’ll test this in more space.)

Conclusion - perhaps Ian had Landing Precision set to Off.

As I say - that loss of signal bit (or RC switch off) I’ll test when in more space.


Now that’s dedication to helping others in the forum Dave :clap: maybe it should be Prof. Dave! :wink:


I wanted to know for myself, as much as anything.


Well done that man, take a bow.

It also was in my mind after seeing this old post of mine, a few days ago, and wanting to refresh my mind as to how to land and take-off again without changing Home Point.

Still a few other issues on that project to firm up in my mind before I try that bit of silliness. :wink:

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Wow! I am always amazed at how this mistake from 2 years ago still generates so much discussion! Yeah, I have analysed it to death and have a very clear idea what happened, and why it’s such an unlikely and unlucky scenario.
First off, yes, the Mavic Pro really is crap in strong wind in the default mode (ie with collision sensors on) as I’ve proved in a YT vid called “Flying your Mavic Pro in Strong Wind”.
That was the start of my issues; I hadn’t enabled Sports Mode (I’d only had the MPro for 2 weeks!). And I stupidly flew off down wind and was trying to fly back into the wind. It slowed right down and that started the panic as it was flying over inaccessible land.
But as for the mechanics of what happened around landing:

  1. Landing Protection was OFF as I usually hand caught the Pro. But this means instead of auto shutting down when it landed, it had to rely on receiving the 3 second ‘DOWN’ command or the CSC (sticks to 5 & 7 o’clock positions).
    I always used the 3 second down command but remember I was severely panicking and was already running back to the car, away from the cliff edge as it came into land.
    As the Mavic was 120 metres below me, and around 900 metres away from me, I lost connection as soon as I was away from the cliff edge. And that’s the crucial thing; I didn’t check the Props had shut down, and there’s no way they had, because otherwise the RTH wouldn’t have kicked in. As I’ve had to say so many times on the video comments, if the props had shut down, it would have stayed put. If I’d had Landing Protection enabled, it would have also stayed put as it wodul have shut down by itself.
    But unstead, despite hitting the grass, the props never got that full 3 seconds down command so they never shut down.
    I was recording most of the flight but obviously never got the SD card back, so the only video I got was the video that was streamed and cached to my phone. I stopped recording as I was landing. Didn’t really think about it; I figured there was nothing more to record and remember at that point I was more concerned about heading down from my cliff perch 900 metres away and retrieve the Mavic.
    We spent 90 mins searching the park until it got dark. It was only when I opend up the flight logs I saw that straight yellow line showing its final flight path (shown in the video at 0:58) that told me it had taken off again and tried to head back to its RTH home point. As the RTH altitude was 30 metres and it was 120 metres below its take off point, it had risen up 150 metres and then tried to fly back the 900 metres or so towards me, whilst I was already in the car driving down to the park. And unfortunately the area it finally lost its final battery power and landed in is basicaly overgrown scrubland and cliffs.

So that’s the low down. Lost after just 3 weeks of ownership.
Lessons learned:

  1. Fly out up wind and home with the wind.
  2. Trust the RTH function. It disables the landing sensors and allows you to fly faster into the wind. And it works.
  3. Leave ‘landing protection’ On. It’s useful!
  4. Don’t push the battery.
  5. If you’re landing remotely, make sure you use the ‘autoland’ function to ensure the props shut down.
  6. When it’s all going wrong, don’t panic. Think straight and just try and land somewhere safe.
  7. Use the little map in the lower left corner so you never lose track of where your drone is and use the green line to fly back towards you.
  8. Don’t fly with the sun behind you shining on your screen making you miss half the info that’s on there. (see point 7)
  9. Don’t push the battery (so good it needs saying twice) :grinning:

Hope that hasn’t sent you all to sleep! And hopefully that answers the questions!


Ian in London


As always Ian, top class analysis of you flight, and the do’s and don’ts of flying.
I always think of your “Dover Day” when I am that way and wonder if anyone ever found your drone.


Thanks for such a detailed reply Ian, very much apreciated.

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Thanks @ianinlondon it’s good to here the reasons that go with the original video and the do’s and don’ts
For new and experienced (ok we all make mistakes) flyers

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@ianinlondon everything happened to you happened to me with my Mavic, yours was Dover cliffs mine was a Lough Erne viewpoint.

I actually contacted you via you YouTube channel for suggestions on trackers and know I have one fitted on my flights and also my mobile and name printed on the base.

It be great if there was a design that has a separate trackering system on a drone that uses its own battery’s so gave more time to locate or if found a emergency button to phone a mobile like the one I’ve fitted to the side.

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The Find My Drone function usually does the job, but in some cases, you’re right, a separate mini battery / tracker is the best way to find it when it’s all gone wrong…
And I too have my number & email printed on my drones now; still got a bit of faith in people :grinning:

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Quite True Ian!,
The ones I like are the “wanted ads” for remote controllers, batteries, chargers !.
Some may be genuine, but my bet is ,it’s some lucky git who has found a drone somewhere, and wants to try his luck in getting it airborne !.
And I have seen a few of them over the last couple of years (adverts that is) !.

I have a cunning plan if ever I lose my drone.
I place an ad on Gumtree, for a free unwanted remote control for my particular drone.
Chances are, assuming they haven’t travelled many miles, the scrote who comes to pick it up will be the one who found my pride and joy.
Only a theory BTW.

Great in theory, but I would have my reservations with that.
I would say buy a lottery ticket, you would stand more chance !!:wink: