Manually Stitching Pano 4 Season Possible?

I have a question about manually stitching pano images. I had an idea to take 4 images from the same spot like you would for a pano but in different seasons so when you look at the image from left to right it runs through say Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring for example. Is it possible to stitch these together? Or will the software not stitch them because they are too different?

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One way to find out!

Set a waypoint and a POI in Litchi and fly a pano mission every 3 months.

See you here in a year’s time :slight_smile:


Haha Yeah thats what I was thinking. Gotta be worth a go. Just gotta find my subject :thinking:

Sounds like you need a large. wide landscape with a woodland and fields under cultivation to show the seasonal changes. Somewhere easy to get to.

An alternative would be a daily shot, same time, height, position and direction for a super hyperlapse of a year :slight_smile:

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Now that would be epic! But I won’t be able to do that everyday at the same place :confused:

I’ve pointed out this 54 second masterpiece before:

4K too…


Brilliant! I’d love to try this :+1: