Mark Forums read

Is there a “mark forums read” button that we can use stop all unread posts coming up. I use Latest post button to keep up to date but all the other posts come up as well.

I use the Latest button - and also have my default home page set to Latest (in settings).
If I go back months I have unread posts … but I didn’t know there were any (and don’t intend to read them now I know they’re there. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have to be careful now I’m a moderator (don’t want to delete everything!) … but (for me) there’s a button …
… and I think it was there when I was a mere mortal.
I seem to recall you can click that, select all posts, and then something pops up that allows resetting the flag.
I can’t test if this is what you will see.

We mere mortals don’t get that button matey :wink:

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Ah - wasn’t totally sure.

The Discourse suite of software that we use handles things slightly differently to the usual phpbb, xeno, vbulletin etc type of forums.

There’s a setting in your profile you can change, under the ‘Notifications’ options called, ‘Consider topics new when…’

You could try some of the options in there and see how things feel :+1:

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