Marsden Bay South Shields

My local beach today 5 minutes walk from home, a quick video with a nervous fly through ( no 2 fly throughs ) wind was a bit gusty today


Sorry that’s not loaded right …working on longer version now …stay in your seats folks normal service will be resumed after a short interlude

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I really must have a day trip back to the area, and video the places I frequented as a kid, including Marsden :slight_smile:

OK Full version available now


@MartG1960 We’ve been without access to the beach from the bottom of redwell bank for about a year now, the old life guard building and concrete steps have been demolished, they are building a new ramp and a wooden tower staircase…should be finished before christmas

Are the steps by The Grotto still open ?

Yeah had to go up and down them today 127 steps each way …pub has changed owners a few times and was closed for a long period a couple of years ago but new owners and open again now

It’s a nice pub - I was in there about 4 years ago for a hot choc after a walk on the beach :+1:

Not many pubs have rooms hewn out of a cliff :slight_smile:

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Nice one mate. I was down at Souter lighthouse last week and flew along the shore past the sinkhole and got to thinking, if the walkers going along that path only knew how little earth there was between them and the sand they’d maybe think twice ha.

@AdeTheTog only flown once at Souter and the sun wasn’t right I wanted to fly out to sea then get a snap with the sea and cliffs in the foreground and then the lighthouse but then you have the quarry behind which spoils the shot …I will try again though …Alan

Have you tried photopills app. Its the bees knees for finding out exactly where the sun should be at any time of day /year etc and you can plan ahead so that the sun is exactly where you want it.

Have a go through here Alan.

@AdeTheTog that’s down towards whitburn ?

Yeah mate, the lighthouse on the left just before you go onto Whitburn. Walk straight down from the lighthouse to the bottom of the field and you’ll see 2 stacks right ahead. The one on the left has the arch and if you can time it just before high tide you’ll get some amazing footage as the water splashes through 3 different holes in the arch at the same time.

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@AdeTheTog I keep having repetitive nightmares …my drone is attacked by a seagull and dives into the sea never to be seen again … have you flown through

Haha I get ya. Tide was too high last time I was there. In fairness mind the sea chickens don’t seen to bother the drone. I even wrapped it in Day-Glo orange so it was easier to see at distance and I thought they would go for it but nah, left it alone.

I put the drone into a river last Monday. Bit of a mare but thankfully a combination of it being fresh water and not sea water and quick action to dry it saved the day.