Master Airscrew props not good quality

Just delivered via Amazon for my MP. 4 x orange Master airscrew props, opening the bag of props , noticed nodules on the ends of 2, appears to be where they are snapped/cut from the mould?
These are my first props from master airscrew all the others have been DJI and perfect.
Anyone else had a quality problem with them.
I have sent photos and requested a replacement

Where did you buy these from @wild_oggie ?

There’s a clue …



Mine are fine

Sorry, yes, which seller on Amazon @wild_oggie?

Master airscrew europe, not cheap either. £22 usually £28.

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Just checked my M2 Master Airscrew props and they have the ‘nodules’ on the blade roots, but to be fair the Dji props have them also. Picture shows MAS on left and Dji on the right.
Seems like a poor design choice to put them on the end of the aerofoil right on the tip! Not very tidy to look at and must impact upon efficiency? Look forward to seeing what they come back with, if they do…

Always used master air screw on fixed wing rc aeroplanes good performance but used the edge of a steel rule to scrape the flashing off so there was then a smooth edge.

It’s only the excess from where they’ve been taken off the moulding sprue. MAS could employ somebody to hand finish them before packing, but then you’d be paying a lot more than £22. Either use a piece of emery cloth/side of a match box or a sharp blade (don’t cut, just scrape).

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Exactly what I did, scraped the rough edges off. Can’t be arsed sending them back.
Right it’s flying time

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Let us know how they perform!

Mum has bought me some for Xmas look at all reviews on them all good ones will c when I open them at crimbo

I have a few of there fixed wing props and I’ve not had issues with them, in fact none of them needed any balancing.

However I’m not impressed with their multirotor props.
I bought a few sets for a 3DRobotics Iris+. They came in a nifty little cloth bag but the props themselves were obviously not QC’d. I have a feeling MAS have them made by a third party and just slap their monica on them.

Tested the props and they work extremely well. Master airscrew contacted me via Amazon and explained the manufacture process and the nodules which are part of the mould air extraction process and have no adverse effect on performance, advised to scrape off, which I had already done.
So no problem, think this thread is now null and void


Thanks for the update.

Great photo, they look lit up :rofl:

Maybe a bad batch, but this doesn’t look great…

Master Airscrews for the MA2