Matlock Saturday 4th March

Im off up Matlock tomorrow if anyone fancies it :+1:


I would, but I’m busy tomorrow… Have fun!

Feeling rough. Sorry

Would love to mate but sadly got plans already.

Defo need to catch up soon though

Would love to mate but just too far at short notice, are you gonna be going to the Big Meet this year Nick?

Im thinking so and may stay Sat to Sun that’s if the moths haven’t eaten me tent :rofl::rofl:


No worries guys was a last minute thing but just thought I’d ask. First time for me so Matlock virgin, just wondering where I can get food from whilst there??? …

There is a mac d’s pretty close

Sounds like a plan to me :star_struck:

You’ll like Matlock Nick. It’s a dream bando.

I’m sure my bloody bank account won’t :weary::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Stick your order in for a couple of new Vistas now to save a bit of time Nick :laughing:

I good I have a spare 1​:wink::rofl:

My cheap and cheerful FC has arrived from china so be slapping that into the Apex this week :+1:t3:

Two of my favourite activities, drones and kayaks. There’s a rapid on the river, just behind maccys, affectionately known as Mcrapid

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We were there a week ago, really enjoyed Mad Hatter for lunch sat in their purpose-built cabin out the back. There’s a large wood burner, it’s warmer than inside.

Well 1st time at Matlock and it was great :+1:t3: couldn’t believe I was the only one there​:blush:


So thats the before flying photo, wheres the after flying photos Nick? :grin:

Pmsl surprisingly I came away relatively damaged free, that said I had a couple of good crashes but a part from a couple of bent props and snapped battery straps that’s it :+1:t3:

That said I came away with more props than I went with,.

Not sure if people have to much ££ or there just OCD about not having matching props, but there was loads of perfectly good unmarked props just dumped.

Winner winners chicken dinner :wink: I think I even pulled off my first Bando power loop, but I feel this will have to go to a vote :thinking:


Look forward to the video :star_struck: Glad you had a great day Nick, I really want a visit here at somepoint

Not sure this works?? If it does then please let me know if I did an official power loop ??? Or there about’s :rofl::rofl:

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