Matrice 210 V1 equipment in superb condition

For sale.
Matrice 210 V1 equipment in superb condition.
Two sets of propellers. Two Cendence controllers. Four sets of batteries (ie, eight batteries in total) all in good condition. Two mains battery charging units enabling all eight batteries to be charged at same time. 5.5 in Crystalsky monitor. DJI Zenmuse X5S camera with standard lens. Standard DJI wheeled hard case. Includes the top camera mounting and GPS unit (never used). Panasonic 45 – 175 HD power zoom lens with balance weights. Excellent condition. Panasonic 14 – 42 HD power zoom lens. XT camera NOT for sale
Pickup from Matlock, Derbyshire. Cash or bank transfer on collection. Price: £4600. ono

For sale.
Mavic 2 Zoom/Pro drone with Fly More kit.
Best of both worlds. This Mavic 2 comes with both the Zoom camera and the Pro camera. It’s about a 5-10 min job to change them over and the Go4 app instantly recognises which camera is fitted.
Standard Mavic controller with leads for USB C, IOS and micro USB.
Mains charger unit for charging three batteries and controller.
Three good batteries. Bat 1-60 charges, Bat 2-46 charges, Bat 3-48 charges.
Fly More bag.
Two sets of ND filters, one for the Pro camera and one for the Zoom camera.
Extended legs fitted.
Set of spare propellers.
Currently fitted with an orange skin to aid visibility on the ground and in the air. This can be peeled off if not required.
All in very good condition, never crashed or had a hard landing. Had this from new so history is known.
Pickup from Matlock where it can be seen flying given suitable weather.
Cash or bank transfer on collection.
Price, £850