Mavic 2 - 4Hawks Antenna

Hi everyone - I’ve just fitted the 4Hawks XR antenna to my M2Zoom controller - if anyone is thinking of doing this please take note - there are a few hiccups along the way and there is a distinct lack of info online about opening the M2 controller. The main hiccup is that the 5-way joystick does NOT pop off like it does on the original Mavic. I’ve had this confirmed by another chap on the Mavic Pilots forum who had the same experience. When you try to remove the 5-way joystick it DOESN’T come free as you’d expect - in fact it pulls the white inner part OUT OF THE SWITCH! It will however push back in, BUT it does damage it on the way out, just an FYI :wink:

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Bumped this over to the #modifications category. :+1:

Good to know Dave!

And if I’m not mistaken, you’re the first one on GADC to mod a Mavic 2 :clap:t2:

Is the rest of the mod pretty much as per the Mavic 1?

Posted some pics of my Titan mod over here: Titan Atlas antenna mod + car kit

And it’s probably a bit late now @DTH but we’ve got some exclusive discounts in place with people like Titan Drones and MaxxUAV, check out the #members-only section for details :+1:

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