Mavic 2 battery died - AFTER a flight! - All very worrying!


I assume the single battery has a serial number that matches the box that it came in?
If so you are screwed, I would still give it a shot though!.


Indeedy :man_shrugging:


Can you not just create the return request for the seperate battery and send back the faulty one?

You don’t have to send back faulty goods in original packaging and let’ face it if you didn’t have the original box how would you know which one is which.


you took the words right out of my mouth Callum !
(well out of my fingers ,anyway!)
Besides, who keeps empty boxes ?


Great - now not only have I lost half of my Drone Fuel and some pratt has flown directly towards a Police helicopters operational area - I also have Meatloaf in my head - Thanks! :rofl:


It could be worse


Nope - not gonna click :wink:
But I want to SOOOO much :wink:


Nah - that would come back and bite me in the arse at some point I fear.

However I do now have two choices -

  1. Amazon has approved a return request - meaning I’d have to buy another M2Zoom - which seems nuts for a dead battery.
  2. DJI have sent me a return label for the battery - meaning a couple of weeks wait for a new one to be returned.


I honestly doubt it would but that’s your call mate.

I’d probably go with option 2 and get replacement battery from DJI.
You get attached to the drone.

Someone else exchanged a battery with DJI recently and the turnaround was not bad.

Ill try find the thread.


Amazon wouldn’t let you return the battery only, they are next to useless after my experience tonight.


I think this applies to most ‘fuelled’ things really.

If I were to google ‘new ford catch fire’ I dare say I’d see 101 articles… it’s an odds thing isn’t it? The more of something they make, the more they’re increasing the odds of one of them failing… :man_shrugging:

Doesn’t help us though :confused:

FFS why did I fall for that?! :see_no_evil:



Anyhoo - I’m all fixed now for motion-lotion - I’ve just bought the fly-more pack :woozy_face:


:+1: good choice.
The bag is awesome and loving the new charger design.


Just to round this off - I received my brand new replacement battery yesterday from DJI - which is nice :+1:


DJI must have been looking down on you after your recent generosity Dave :wink:
Glad they sorted it quickly for you.