Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced - Looking for a lost sheep!

Some of you know I recently (last week) got my hands on the M2EA and I’m loving it!

Initially I was underwhelmed by the thermal performance but I think that was due to me flying early in the morning over a very misty landscape below my house. When I flew it again in the dry the results were astounding.

For the money (i.e when compared to an XT2 or H20 thermal on a Matrice) this drone is simply excellent value and has great performance for what I need.

Shortly after I got the drone a local farmer asked me to look for his lost sheep in some tall maize. I didnt find it, but I found plenty of wild deer. Gotta be worth some kind of badge eh @OzoneVibe :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting Glenn :+1: :+1: :+1:

WOW - what a great piece of kit. To identify a deer in tall grass from an altitude of ~ 90 metres is amazing and so much safer for the drone. I’m using a M2Z for lost dog SAR and if I fly much above 25 metres I won’t spot anything. Got to agree the M2EA must be the best value for money drone for SAR with that level of definition. Very impressive.

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Thanks @Jhdee I hoped it might help somebody, as when I looked there are loads of reviews but none of the reviewers really put it to any kind of real test, they just show some dude running through the woods at 50 ft up. :slight_smile:

Its actually FAR more capable than that!

Once again many thanks and keep them coming. Its great to see real life situations and how well the M2EA deals with them.
However, you have given me a major problem - how to convince SWMBO I really need one and to relaxed her vice like grip on our purse strings :man_shrugging: :joy: - I’ll get there :sunglasses: :thinking:


Heat seeker badge

Think Volcanos & Fires in general would come under this badge too filmed with standard cameras.

Great video by the way :raised_hands:t4:

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