Mavic 2 Flymore kit (3 Batteries) & 3 port charger

Mavic 2 Flymore kit with a total of 3 Batteries instead of 2

3 port charger

£350 Delivered

(For sale due to a sideways move into FPV :rofl: )


You’ve lost me Dave…

Are you highlighting some good deals on Amazon for everyone? :thinking:

Or are you selling some of your own second hand kit for more than the price it costs to buy new? But with links to Amazon stuff instead of your gear? If it is used kit, what’s the condition like? How many charging cycles? Other details? Actual pics?

I literally have no idea what’s going on here :man_shrugging:

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HI Rich, Selling my own stuff - I just included the other links as examples :slight_smile:

I’m selling

Mavic 2 Flymore kit - (£309 on Amazon)
1 x Mavic Pro 2 Battery (£119 on Amazon)
Mavic 2 Multi charger (£34 on Amazon)

Amazon price - £462

I’m selling for £350

Batteries have 19 charges each so they’re barely worn in.
The Flymore kit is unused :slight_smile:

I no longer have the Mavic 2 so it’s all a bit superfluous now :rofl:

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Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: