Mavic 2 FW update adds Precision Landing


Precision Landing is in new FW update v01.00.02.00 posted this morning.

I’ve updated this morning and flown three batteries so far - Tested from varying distances and altitudes and…

PL works perfectly
Auto-land now lands within 5-10cm of takeoff point instead of 5-10 Feet

It seems to do what the MP does - on returning it gets roughly over the HP, rotates to takeoff heading, displays precision landing message, just the one message though, and down it goes.
However, it doesn’t require you to tick a box on takeoff to enable PL or do a hover @6-10m after takeoff - 1.2m and then off I went each time :slight_smile:

Handy to have :+1:


Good man!

I’m not fussed on PL but will probably update later.

Any other changes?


Not noticed anything yet - had to redo all the settings in Go4 as usual - RTH height / max alt / lights off etc…

Watching the Landing(s) back now - it looks like it self-adjusts nearly all the way to the ground.


Thanks for the info Dave let’s See what tomorrow’s big day brings in the way of savings if any


Updated mine too alittle earlier. Will be interesting to use PL for the first time. :+1:


Heres a link to changes in this firmware :slight_smile:


Increased the shutter speed to up to two seconds

Personally - I wouldn’t call that “increased” the “speed” …. but I know what they mean.

Same as when people confuse “increasing the aperture” with “increasing the f stop” … which is, in fact, a reciprocal value.


cool -thanks for the info!


Pfft,dowloaded the firmware update,will install,nah will it ekk !!


… as some others were experiencing over here … Firmware


Well just tried DJI Assistant 2,and after 3 attempts,seems to have done it…WTF ?:thinking:


However,remote controller update fails,and yet there is no complaint from the dji go 4 app,it seems happy to go fly ??


I guess there’s always some version tolerance between MP/RC/Go4 … after all, the basics won’t have changed. But may need everything up to date for any new functionality to work.


Ok so no-one bought anything
no bragging rights damn that was damp