Mavic 2 gimbal not tilting

Was out yesterday at my local park with my Mavic 2 and the gimbal stopped being able to tilt. I was in the middle of filming and was trying to tilt gimbal both up and down but nothing happened. I landed the drone and turned it on and off then it seemed to work fine. Probably nothing but just wondered if anyone else had any similar issues before.

Did you by any chance use the point of view, or active tracking or similar?

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No, wasn’t using any of the smart modes

I’ve had this with my Inspire quite a few times and it always resets after landing or battery change, occasionally mid flight. It’s inconvenient for sure but I am certain it’s either signal or software. I’ve had the camera and gimbal checked over and no faults were found. It usually affects the pan rather than the tilt but I have had both affected in the last couple of years. Not sure if this helps but I don’t think its anything to worry about. Tony

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