Mavic 2 Pro for sale + addons/accessories

Ok folks I’m reluctantly selling my Mavic 2 Pro got loads of accessories i bought over time il list them all below with pictures and price.

Mavic 2 Pro, purchased September 2019 never crashed/dropped/knocked, has DJI Care until August 2020 (see screenshot below) 5 hours 25 min flight time total (careful flying)

DJI Fly more kit plus extra battery (4 x batteries total including the one that comes with drone)
Ive not checked the amount of charges but should be no more than 6 charges on each battery

1 x Set DJI Prop Guards
PGYTECH cleaning pen
PGYTECH hard landing pad
PGYTECH prop holders
Adams iKlips adaptor
4 x spare sets props (5 x including props fitted from new)
2 x DJI Mavic sleeves
1 x 128GB SanDisk Extreme SD Card
1 x 128GB SanDisk Extreme PRO SD Card

Looking for - £1800 (prefer pick up for inspection and test flight)

I also have for sale…

DJI Mavic 2 Protector (Hard) Case - £80
DJI ND Filters (ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32) - £80
Lowepro Droneguard 250 Backpack - £120
Polar Pro ND Cinematic Filters (ND128, ND256, ND1000) - £60
Polar Pro ND Filter ND64 - £25

Any questions please ask, I’m located in Essex… please note Smart Controller currently not for sale as it is faulty, I’m currently arranging replacement and will be for sale at a later date.


My apologies… i listed the Polar Pro Cinematic ND Filters wrong, the picture is correct description is wrong, should be ND128, ND256, ND1000 if a moderator could amend my original listing please

DJI Mavic 2 Protector (Hard) Case now sold, all other items still up for sale.

I’m open to negotiation with the drone but all other items are as listed.

Thanks for looking

Done :+1:


Thanks pal.
Mavic 2 hard case received with thanks.
It’s perfect. Very well packaged too.

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Anytime Steve any questions just give me a shout :+1:t2:

To avoid any confusion only the hard case was sold all other items are still for sale, also i have spoken with another pilot and he has the same thing with the smart controller so we came to the conclusion there is nothing wrong with it so this is now also up for sale, it was just me and i will explain my findings if anyone is interested.

Smart Controller - £475

Once again all offers will be considered with respect on all available items.

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@Booney you might want to fire up a new / separate thread for the smart controller :+1:t2:

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Just an update on this sale, the smart controller is now sold (elsewhere) and I’m reducing the price for the Mavic 2 Pro and all accessories listed (not including filters and backpack) to £1500.

Again any questions please DM myself, thanks for looking

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