Mavic 2 Pro Gimbal Yaw issue with Smart Controller

On my last flight, I seem to have lost Yaw control of the gimbal yaw using the control wheel (right hand side) on the smart controller. Pitch works with the left control wheel no problem and Yaw works with touch screen input. Have recalibrate the controller and tried resetting everything but can’t seem to fix the issue. Any advice / experience of this would be appreciated. Thanks.

In reading the manual, it seems that the right hand scroll-wheel is just for camera adjustments, not yaw. Maybe I’ve never been able to control it that way and have just got used to this on my Matrice 300? If so, I feel a bit of a wally now but if someone could kindly confirm that gimbal yaw cannot be controlled with the scroll-wheel in any way (even if there’s a hack for this), then I can at least put this ‘non-issue’ to bed. Thanks.

That’s the DJI way

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To achieve yaw of the gimbal while in flight, using Go4, press and hold on the screen and slowly drag in the direction you want to yaw.
Edit: Whoops, just read your OP again and it seems you know that.

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Cheers. OK, so I think I was being daft and just got used to how the M300 flies. No worries… thanks for confirming this with me.