Mavic 2 pro low video quality @1080p - 120fps


I love the slow mo 120fps mode on mavic 2 pro but the quality seems to suffer with footage grainy and not sharp.
is this just what you expect from the mavic 2 @ 1080p?
i was shooting in dull light so i was using longer shutter speeds - is this the issue?
i presume it is better to shoot 4k and then slow the footage down in an editing software…
any help appreciated!


If you shoot 4k @ 30fps, and slow down to the same effective speed, you are using only 7.5 frames of original for every second of render. It will look totally shite! 4k improves resolution … not the ability to change speed.

THAT is your issue! For 120fps you need light that will give you 1/250 shutter … WITHOUT having the ISO as high as it will go.

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Thanks @OzoneVibe!
thats sorted that one…I will try it in better light.