Mavic 2 Pro maiden flight

Took my Mavic 2 Pro out for its first flight since getting it 2 years ago. Having now got my A2 C of C I feel more comfortable being out with it in areas where people may be around. I have been flying my Mavic Mini for the last few months, what a different machine the Mavic 2 Pro is. I’ll be posting pictures and video on here soon (I Hope).


You owned a Mavic 2 for two years and didn’t fly it?

Were the batteries ok? :thinking:


I was thinking the exact same thing.

Yes they were fine. I just didn’t have the confidence to take it out, stupid I know. However, having flown it yesterday I’m happy to go anywhere with it within the law. It’s an incredible bit of kit. I’m now compiling a list of places to go and fly


I’ve been flying my Mavic 2 for a while now and I agree it’s an amazing piece of kit. Also very capable considering it is fairly small and foldable. Hope you manage to keep getting out with it


Wow! That’s a long time not to fly it! :astonished: Good to hear you’ve built up your confidence and now getting out there with the M2P.
Look forward to seeing your photos etc :+1:t2: