Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air Side by side Comparision


Just in case you want to know the difference in size of the above drones , here is a photo taken of the Mavic 2 Pro (left) Mavic Pro (Middle) and the Mavic Air (right)
Now all I need is 3 pairs of hands to fly them!.


Great comparison Chris!

Just need to add a grey-coloured Spark to the right, and an Inspire 2 to the left and that’ll be it, full house :smiley:



A Phantom-less house, perhaps … but not a full one. :wink:


Phantoms aren’t grey :cry:


Your Inspire used not to be (cough) Carbon Fibre! #ItCanBeArranged


Love the ideas Lads !, but her indoors is moaning about lack of space, “they are taking over” i must admit !.


Time to move house.

Oh - you already covered that in the other thread. :wink:


I fear DIVORCE is the only option…Na , to expensive (so i have been told)


The P4 Obsidian is close enough :wink: