Mavic 2 Pro Phone Lead


“Rich”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Dave you are Rich lol


Apologies Dave !!!, you were °Rich" for 15 secs !


Ha! Neither the person or the wealthy types of rich!


Rich doesnt have to be money


Not the side connector cable, it’s the data transfer cable, USB C from the Mavic 2 Pro aircraft to a suitable USB on PC. It’s about 1m long, black, flat cable. Can’t find an original one anywhere.


Ah - right - assumed you meant to connect to RC since that was what the thread had been about.

In that case, any USB-C cable should work OK. It’s pretty much the standard for modern Android phone, and other devices, so you can get anywhere. I have several that have come with phones.

Probably a bit too far to pop round and have one of my spares. :wink:


Cheers anyway, I will just buy like you say.
Just can’t seem to find a genuine DJI one anywhere, even in DJI store :department_store:


Probably because it’s so standard nobody would pay DJI prices for one … because I’m sure they would charge shit-loads!


This should do the trick


Or this to the iPad or phone

I have similar for the Osmo Pocket to connect to my iPad big screen poor eyes :eyes:


Sorry Mick,
The cable I was looking for is the short one that goes from the controller to your phone, it’s not that long, 5” approx.
It should have come with the drone, when new,but, mine was missing!.
Since then have dug the one(s) that came with the Air and Mavic Pro.