Mavic 2 Pro with SC [SOLD]

Hi People, Up for sale is my M2P with smart controller, this is mint condition like new.
Only flown about 10 times, never crashed and been well looked after.Last time it was used was sunday the 10th at a meet, and flies as it should no issues at all
There are only 3 batteries but they have been charged 8 9 10 times respectively
Pgytech waterproof hard case
3 Batteries
Smart Controller
Chargers + Cables
Freewell ND filters (never been out of case)
I would rather sell it here than flebay as this is not a toy.

Any more photo’s or info just ask.

I’m wanting £700 ovvvvno, not inc P+P that would be Insured postage or collection from Leeds, West Yorkshire


This is an absolute steal folks, saw it yesterday at the Hull meet.

Mint condition and hardly flown


And it’s the OG smart controller too, which has a genuine 1000nits of brightness :star_struck: :sunglasses:

(unlike the modern day RC variant :see_no_evil: )


And it will take DoneHacks :+1:


You had to remind :rofl:

Is this still for sale?

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Yes it is mate

Sorry I could’nt get back to you before but somethings come up and I’ve got go down to Devon. Which part of the Country are you in?
I’ll get in touch when I get back to see if it’s still available.

@cms I’m in Leeds Colin, god’s own :rofl:

Thats a shame I was hoping you would say the West Country somewhere! I’m in Sussex.
I’ll be in touch when I get back anyway.

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Sorry guys still for sale, paypal scammers are good, just not that good :rofl:

Send them a box full of dog shit Mick, it will be worth the postage price mate :grin:

Steve, i really wanted to, at the mo i’m playing with 6 scammers :grin:

They deserve everything they get Mick :grin:

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SOLD SOLD SOLD, ironic thing is the guy who came and bought it, lived in our house before us :open_mouth:

Next thing for sale will be hardcase for MP


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Yeah, he said i lived here, me thinking on the estate, he said no here your house, :rofl: