MAVIC 2 Prototype Skin - RAF Seaking


I’ve finally finished the design and have got the first parts of prototype skin on my Mavic 2 Pro…
Working on the arms now :slight_smile: :thinking:
…wondering if it’s worth getting it printed properly on glossy vinyl? What do you think peeps?


Ooh yes, “I is liking that” how about the Inspire 2? I think the canopy will work really well on the Inspire’s nose.


Actually I think you’re right! But how about a Red Arrows, the Hawk canopy would work a treat too on the Inspire?


That too would work, you might get busy now having these ideas :bulb:


Oi…Stoppppppppit :slight_smile:


That looks brilliant
If I was to say Star Wars x wing decal would that be possible?


must admit, I was thinking of doing a red arrows themed skin


Anything is possible with these things, the only questions I would have is a) would the design work shapewise and b) would it look odd and suit the drone?


Which drone have you got Steve?


My Mavic Pro we as s the one I had in mind, what drones I have is a much longer answer!


Either that or a thunderbird 4…which I’ve started…


I see your point back to the drawing board
but must say the helicopter theme does look good


Right then, getting the Seaking printed on Glossy and will see how it works on the Mavic2 when
everything is applied!