Mavic 2 Zoom and 4Hawks SR & XR


No snakes?


Didn’t get that far in the video :rofl:


They’re on the first link :smiley:


They’re in my head! Damn both of you! :rofl:


You can’t say I didn’t warn you Dave. :wink:


That was too late! I recognised the gif!


I have no idea what any of you are on about so I’m gonna take this advice and sleep peacefully tonight :+1:t2:

And thanks for the photos @DTH, the other Dave took the words out of my mouth:

Great job mate, welcome to the world of active antenna :clap:t2:


And I had to take it off the Mavic Pro 1st! :roll_eyes:


Sure is a lot of Dave’s around here :wink:


The world needs us! :+1::+1: