Mavic 2 zoom fly more kit with 4 batteries car charger and filter set [SOLD]

Mavic 2 zoom fly more kit in superb condition … with 4 batteries , car charger and tiffen x 6 filter set , car charger , multi charger ,bag , 64mb sandisk extreme memory card, tablet holder , spare props… this fantastic drone has hardly been used at all , just for a little practice…I am now studying the A 2 CofC and have realised I can only really fly my mini 2 as yet :0(… I feel a GVC coming on, maybe ? :0) an ipad mini 2 is also for sale if required as I need new one to usethe DJI fly app …prefer collection from B’ham area. Not sure how to post just yet … because of the batteries ? freepostage … returns accepted. £750.00

I’m pretty sure Hermes will carry batteries.


great … thank you … cheaper too , and they collect :0)

You’re welcome.

Hermes don’t have the best reputation amongst parcel carriers, make sure the insurance will cover the cost of any loss - it’s an add on over a certain amount and not that cheap.

Ok thanks …yep need good insurance …

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Hi Laina,
I would really like to buy the zoom from you. I have the pro 2 but I desperately need a zoom as I want to get those ready close up shots etc.
My name is Joe and my telephone number is (Phone number deleted by Mods) you can call me anytime as I am disabled and am always available.
I look forward to hearing from you soon

For your own security, your phone number has been removed from public view. This should be communicated via DM.


Another thing to check is that drones & lithium batteries are on their excluded list - hermes have a terrible reputation for losing parcels, and then wriggling out of compensation claims by stating the excluded items list, do yourself a BIG favour & avoid this firm completely - too many horror stories about expensive items never turning up.


hi thanks for advice , I am dreading posting as i dont know how to legally post batteries yet. lots of stories about parcels being destroyed.

DPD don’t seem to have an issue with lipos, all my lipos that I’ve ordered have come via DPD :+1:t2:

ok thanks :0)

NOW SOLD :cry:

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I need to send some lipo batteries so I checked the DPD website. There’s a huge list of prohibited items, including batteries. Prohibited & restricted items | DPD local Online (
I’m amazed they do any business at all.

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All my HobbyRC orders came via DPD for my LIPOS and I’ve got a fair few:

And that’s only half.

So I’m not sure then :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s possible that they have contracts with suppliers who they know will pack them properly.
I’m going to visit a drop-in site over the next couple of days and I’ll ask the question.

I think you’re making too much of this issue.
Get them to storage level 3.8v per cell.
Wrap them in bubble wrap, place in a stout strong cardboard box, use RM Special Delivery and declare contents as ‘electrical items’