Mavic 2 Zoom + Fly More | quick sale! [hampshire]

Hello all - due to a rather rapid change in my circumstances [long story, but I’m divorcing the Mrs with FIRE] I need to generate some cash to facilitate moving to a new place. I have a place sorted and signed for, but getting the lump of cash I need is the next step; it’s the only thing that might possibly stop me from getting out on my move-out day!

My beloved Mavic 2 Zoom is up for sale in the hope that she’ll help me scramble together some deposit / rent. She’s been my very first drone and my introduction to the world of UAV camerawork.

She was bought brand new, I’ve even got the box still! I’ve only clocked around 5-6 hours total flight time on her in the past 18 months due to constantly shifting workloads and family drama; but she has been used for a music video shoot [and performed admirably!]

She’s been stored very carefully and respectfully, I’ve gotten her out every couple of weeks to run updates/patches, test camera / gimbal, and also to cycle the batteries through from time to time as well.

1x Mavic 2 Zoom

  • Drone [excellent condition]
  • Remote Controller
  • 1x included Battery
  • Chargers, etc.

1x Mavic 2 Fly More Kit

  • 2x extra batteries [3x total]
  • Mavic 2 Car Charger
  • Battery Charging Hub
  • Battery-PowerBank Adapter
  • Extra Props
  • Mavic 2 Shoulder Bag

Bought in for ~£1500 total including VAT, I’m looking to raise as close to £1000 as I can manage, for the whole kit and kaboodle.

I will miss her very much, but needs must and I’m sure she’ll go on to another owner who’s able to take her out for a proper spin more often than I was able to.

I’m looking for a fairly quick sale, as I need to be packing my stuff and moving on out within the next couple of weeks [Fri 31st Jan in fact!]

Please get in touch if you are interested and genuinely looking to purchase in the next couple of weeks, many thanks for the read guys!

** will add some pics up tonight after I’m home from work.



@BenHarker your timing is great - @Fatboy posted a “wanted” message only yesterday:

Sorry about the divorce mate :confused:

thanks for the heads-up Rich - i’m not too sorry, it’s a bit of a faff but I’m much better off out! thanks for the heads up I’ll see if Fatboy swings by!

The Mrs or the drone :wink:

Good luck with the sale and the de-wifing


Hi Ben I am after mavic zoom but £1000 is to much for me I am after a drone only it’s going to be a back up so do not want to spend that much I Already have four batteries for my mavic pro if you want to sell drone only let me know I am in no rush to buy not going away tell
April and July hopefully will find one by then

haha - no the ex can get in the bin and stay there, many thanks dude!

all going well so far, appear to have picked up a deal on a newer model!


hey @Fatboy thanks for the message. If I get no interest for the whole bundle then yeah I could certainly think about splitting it down, i’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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@BenHarker Does it come with the smart controller Ben?

Hey Joe! comes with a standard controller, not a smart controller [ie: no screen]

Thanks Ben. Good luck with the divorce mate…


Very sad for you Ben and wish you all the best for the future (been through 2 divorces myself so I understand what your going through) phase 2 will be better :pray:

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just been looking at one on eBay £650 but faulty gimbal, says camera works fine but will not position from controller, been in crash drone perfect just issue with gimbal, could be easy fix such as ribbon cable but depends on whether its worth taking a risk.

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Sorry I can’t help you out with this, believe me, I’d love to. It’s a little outside my budget.

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Hiya Ben I would be interested. However, it’s only £1279 new at drones direct for the fly more combo… and with the Pro 3 coming out soon this will drop even more. Maybe you could message me your best price.
Many thanks.


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Your evidence is?

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I didn’t realise I was in crown court !! I simply know and that’s all that matters to me,

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OsitaLV ??? :thinking: :thinking: :rofl: :rofl:

didn’t know that you could speak Japanese Tony ?.
Oh, alright then Dave Chinese

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Chinese. :wink:

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