Mavic 2 zoom flying practice skills any advice?

Hi All

I’m a bit rusty with my drone flying, had a mavic air for a few months then at the end of last year i bought a mavic 2 zoom.

With the zoom function its an extra dynamic to think about when your flying, it can give you a false sense of being close to things when you have a lot of space, so to get me up to speed i’ve been practising flying around a railway bridge near to where i live, though the sensors are great, they can limit you to bigger spaces, flying backwards through a tunnel when your camera is facing the other way is a challenge.

Have any other members got any flying skills tips for practice?


Have a look at this, then get in touch with one of the nice FPVUK examiners on here and see how you get on ;o)


Hi Chris

I’m a bit more advanced than beginner, i know all this, i am registered, have also had a lot of experience flying fixed wing aircraft.
Flying a drone and trusting the camera, sensors and knowing what can be physically done is where i am trying to get.
I’m not trying to be someone who races, just looking to improve my footage

all the best


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Just squares and circles and eights then, nose in, nose out.

Forget the camera is there, do it on sight alone, most things can be fixed in the edit ;o)


Its a bit difficult to see a drone, when your flying through a bridge and out the other side!
Doesnt really compare to just flying in a field with nothing else around!


Well you got through, I am a newbie to this lark but I am having fun. I think as with anything the more you practice the better you get. I like the saying “the more you practice the luckier you get”.

Gary Player ?

Not sure Chris… Maybe

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