Mavic 2 Zoom + various filters - £800 - [NOW SOLD]

Okay, time to get the Mavic 2 Zoom a new home so I can stop feeling guilty about not flying it. The reason for the sale is simply that I got a Pro at the end of July and I can’t fly them both (i.e. my wife won’t let me keep them both).

The total flight time on this drone is 7 hours 41 minutes and it’s in excellent condition.

The battery is brand new (charged once, but never flown), as are the propellors (3 pairs), the controller sticks, the charger, and the controller cables. All of these came with the M2P but I swapped them over for the ones I was already using on the Zoom.

Also included are the following filters:

Can’t think I’ve used any of them more than a dozen times.

Also a 128GB SanDisk Pro microSDX card

Looking on eBay, seems a pre-loved M2Z will set you back somewhere between £750 and £850. I’m looking around the middle of that … £800 for everything listed, including p&p.

I’d rather it went to somebody here and am open to reasonable offers, but if there’s no interest after a couple of weeks it’ll be over to eBay.

There’s some slight wear of the access cover for the SD Card slot (picture below).

Give me a shout if there are any questions, or if you’d like a closer pic of anything.


why are you selling it?

He says … in the first paragraph. :wink:


Quick correction - the flight time is actually 9.5 hours. The previous figure came from my own flight logs which I hadn’t started doing until I’d had the drone for a few months. The 9.5 is from DJI.

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A little update to add in some more pictures and videos that I took this evening to demonstrate that it all works as it should :slight_smile:

So you know it will fly…

So you know it takes decent photos…

So you know it takes decent videos (this is as shot, no editing)…

So you know it manoeuvres okay…


We know you have a decent garden, too! :rofl:


If only it were mine! I just get to peek over the wall from time to time :wink:


What about without the filters?

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You’d have thought the gardner would have got the stripes on the lawn all going the same way, If it was my lawn I’d bloody well sack him. Slacker. There is no excuse.

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I might be up for splitting the package up, yes. If you’re interested, make me a sensible offer :slight_smile:

Ok great let me think about it and get back to you

Hi everybody - just about ready to move this over to eBay. Giving it another week here in case there is any interest still.


Hi @JoeC

I recently bought a set of ND4, ND8 and ND16 filters… I’m missing an ND32…
What are the odds of you seeling this filter? If not, can you PM me a price for your filter set?

Many thanks,


Sorry Pete. Despite saying that I was going to wait another week for eBay, they have a deal on until midnight fixing their fees at £1. That saves me close to £100 if it sells there… so I’ve already listed it.

Would still be happier selling this here, but afraid it’s now got to be as the bundle as that’s what’s listed on eBay.


Now sold.


On eBay? How much did you get, if you don’t mind me asking?

Yep. Ended up accepting an offer a fraction above what I was offering it up for here… just enough to cover the courier and fees.