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Just had the below come though by email, are we all excited :laughing:

Hey there!

Did you know this is a BIG week for drone fans? I have to be honest, I am pretty dang excited. As my subject line says DJI is expected to release a new line of Mavic 2 drones tomorrow for their “ See the Bigger Picture ” event in New York.

The event is tomorrow, Thursday, August 23 at 10am EDT. A direct link for DJI’s live stream of the event is right here .

DJI Mavic 2 Leaks

(the prices listed above are likely for placeholder & not accurate)

Below is a quick round-up of the latest Mavic 2 specs & photos thanks to two UK electronic retailers who accidentally leaked the images and info:

  • 31 minutes of flight time
  • Fly up to 45 miles per hour
  • Have 5 miles of range
  • Whisper ‘quiet’ blades
  • Extra sensors for “omnidirectional obstacle avoidance”

1) New Mavic 2 Zoom with 2X optical zoom lens

The Mavic 2 Zoom is said to have a 24mm to 48mm zoom lens. Having a zoom lens will open up all kinds of new opportunities. Heck, check out their Hitchcock inspired dolly zoom effect in this teaser DJI posted to Facebook:

2) New Mavic Pro 2 with Hasselblad camera

The Mavic Pro 2 with Hasselblad camera is said to have a 1" inch Hasselblad CMOS sensor (yes please!). This would be a nice bump up over the current 1/2.3-inch sensor found on the current Mavic Pro.

3) New Mavic 2 Enterprise Edition

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Edition version looks like it might be for adding accessories? It’s not clear though if this one will be released tomorrow so take this info with a grain of salt. Some of the guesses for what the accessories could be are: a bright LED light, a speaker, a 360 camera, a special camera for 3D scanning, or it could just be a prototype throwing everyone off :wink:

DJI Quiz + Free Priority Shipping Coupon

Finally, DJI just launched a five-question online quiz and they are offering prizes to those who answer the questions correctly. The main prizes are a DJI Select Membership (valued at $29) and $20 worth of DJI Credit.

The best part though is they’ll give you one Priority Shipping Coupon just for taking the quiz which will give you early access to DJI’s new products like the DJI Mavic 2 that is expected to be released tomorrow.

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