MAVIC 3 Doing a "Cucumber And Cats"

Regarding the mavic 3. I have a question that I have sent to DJI and they want a photo of it doing it but I have also seen it on the net too.
Has anyone ever googled “Cats And Cucumbers”. Well I noticed that on the odd occasion (even when just hovering) the Mavic 3 will JUMP pretty harsh up and sideways. If you google cats and cucumbers you will get an idea what I mean.

The questions I have are…

  1. Have others had this problem.
  2. Why does it do it or what causes it.
  3. If it did this sharp movement, do the sensors stop it jumping into things or could it just crash into stuff. It is quite scary when it does it if it is close to a fence or wall or something. Only does it with the avoidence on so it is trying to avoid something but VERY quick and with no warning.

A video of the drone doing the Cucumber and cat would be helpful so we can see how bad it is

Upload one to Youtube and post the link here in this thread

If you can also post the airdata from the flight as well, we will have a look :+1:

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Will try and video it… it is not always expected and I have not yet worked out what actually upsets the drone. As soon as I get it filmed I will let you see it. As for the flight data. Only had the Mav for a month or so… would need guidence to what that is and where located.

Have you tried flying with the obstacle avoidance off? and also have you tried adjusting the stick control settings?

Outdoors ?

Sign up for the free version, most of us use that :+1:

Once you have the flight logs synced I will show you how to share them, any problems give us a shout :ok_hand:


Share some Airdata and we can take a look :wink: