Mavic 3 Fly more Combo - Wanted

Okay who’s sitting on a few G’s of Mavic 3 they want to get shot of to someone with cash to offer ? Drop me a line I have cash & will purchase any pristine unit, Iv’e been scammed on the Bay. Might even be interested in a Mavic air 2S with RC Pro. So if you have either & there surplus drop me a line as iv’e said I have cash & if the deal is sweet I’ll buy it !


Erm no sorry my pristine Mavic 3 is staying put with me.

Hope all goes well with PayPal

You will find one soon as I’m sure some may have to sell up, or sell a kidney before long with prices as they are.

When you get one you will love it.


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I may be able to assist… :wink: