Mavic 3 spotlight & POI problem

Here we go again!!!
Got the brand new sealed replacement today, done all updates and calibrations etc took it for it’s maiden test flight and…jitters in spotlight and POI modes!
Worked fine tracking me but the footage of a boat is unusable.
Here is a sample filmed in 4k 30fps with a slight zoom and small crop in post.
I’ve had just about enough of this **** now!

Update from DJI.
Our product specialist has checked the data you sent us and they have informed that they located the issue when the target is a ship/boat and they will continue to optimize the algorithm to have this improved.

Currently, they kindly advised that when selecting the ship/boat as target, to please not select the whole ship or direct clicking the ‘+’ on the ship. Instead, they advised to select just one part of the ship as target, as shown in the picture below. This will help stabilize the image properly.

The photo is showing a very small square on a boat.
Ever tried flying close to and locking onto a small section of a moving boat?
That’s certainly one easy way of loosing a drone in the drink! LOL
Don’t think I should hold my breath waiting for a rapid fix of this issue unless they ‘copy and paste’ from the Air2s algorithm that works perfectly well.

Latest from DJI
I asked if a ‘fix’ would be available any time soon and also informed them that the previous advice was of no use for a moving target.
The reply…
I have received an answer from our specialist that you are indeed correct. When selecting part of the boat, the flight control will be considered a stationary object and when the boat is moving, it will lead to the loss of the target.

Regarding a timeline, they have informed that machine learning/ algorithm is a complex process and they are currently working on it, but they do not have a specific date to provide, unfortunately. I am really sorry about this.

While this is something I cannot change, I would at least like to compensate you somehow for the inconvenience. I would like to offer you an accessory up to 70 EUR of your choice. You can choose in our DJI Online Store and let me know, so that I can arrange it for you. I hope it helps somehow to at least make this situation more bearable.

Good of them to offer me 70 EUR…perhaps I should put it towards a Mavic3…NOT!
So it would seem they know of an issue with this model and I will have to wait for them to sort it out in a future update.
Good job I still have the Air2s as this one performs perfectly well where x3 M3’s have failed.

So it’s a software issue after all that. Weird how it’s not more widely reported on, in that case.

I am not the only one with this issue it would seem.
Further research has shown the Mavic3 has had a lot of gimbal problems ranging from going totally berserk to swaying side to side when master shots is used. I have not tried master shots yet but will do just to see how it works.
So far everything else with this drone I am pleased with but very disappointed that the most common mode I use is incomplete and failing to do what it says on the tin.
OK so I can and do film moving boats with spotlight off but with it on I have a better chance of obtaining usable footage.

Glad I stumbled across this thread… Looks like I ran into the exact same issue recently trying to track a stationary vessel, didn’t really think much of it at the time, here’s the video:

Had no problems tracking a smaller moving boat during the same flight:

Very strange…

Assuming that’s from a Mavic3?
If so it is exactly what I am getting.
I would advise contacting DJI about this as the more complaints they get the quicker they may solve the issue.

Having politely declined the 70 EUR in goods offered to me I suggested an adjustment to the care refresh I took out on this drone would be a better option.
To their credit they have now given me a full years worth of cover.
Although the spotlight/POI issue has yet to be resolved I guess this it better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick whilst waiting for a fix.

Also covers you next year when they haven’t :wink:

I imagine a fix will be a long time coming but we can live in hope! LOL

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