Mavic Air 2 combo for sale £600 (SOLD)

I have decided to sell my Mavic Air 2 combo kit. I bought it about 9 months ago, but has only been flown 3 or 4 times, a total of 5km, less than 2 hours flight time. Comes in box, with everything it came with, including, drone, controller, 3 batteries, 3 sets of props, charger and multi-charger, bag, filters, spare sticks, and all leads. There is not a mark on this drone, always stored in case, always landed on soft landing pad, could literally pass as new. I am located in County Durham, can be collected, meet half way, or can be posted. Postage to UK only, add £10 onto price for delivery. £600 no offers.

@CaptainCrash1971 you posted this yesterday over here:

Shall we remove yesterday’s post?

Yes please, I reduced the price but couldn’t edit original post. Thanks.

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Any takers yet Captain crash! Your email name doesnt inspire confidence in purchase! But I am possibly in the market!

No takers as yet. The username refers to my previous hobby of motorcycles :rofl:. Luckily, the only drone I’ve ever crashed was a 20 quid toy drone.
I’m never one to exaggerate the condition of something, but I’ve inspected my Mavic Air 2 minutely, and there’s not a single mark on it, not even on the props. You would literally be getting the same drone you’d pay £950 for from a shop.
I just can’t justify it sitting there gathering dust, never get chance to fly it at the moment.
If I don’t sell it on here before the weekend I’ll be sticking it on ebay/Facebook.

I’m very interested - please pm me for discussion

Not for me this time thanks. I am sure it will sell well.

Now Sold.

Title updated