Mavic Air 2 Fly More, boxed, unmarked, mint condition with 7 months DJI Care Refresh. GBP 450 [SOLD]

Bought on 23rd March 2021, together with the DJI care Refresh, primarily to get me through my GVC OE flight exam. Passed my OE last Wednesday and looking to upgrade (Inspire 2???). Flies perfectly and updated to the latest firmware.

As I’m such a geek, the kit includes the little plastic bags used to contain propellors, etc. It is in a totally mint, unmarked condition and comes with the 7 months remaining DJI Care Refresh (which relies on the drone’s serial number not the original purchaser). I’ve only used it to practice the manoeuvres for the OE exam so it’s not been subjected to any real stresses (unlike me doing the exam!) Never crashed. Always kept in it’s dedicated bag when not in use in a bedroom within a smoke-free home. Apart from the necessary tears on the little plastic bags it is exactly as you would find bought from a dealer.

I’m In NW England (Westhoughton) and agreeable to personal collection - otherwise GBP 450 (not using a UK keyboard) + p&p.


DM on its way :slight_smile:


That’s a steal for that price and on my doorstep would have had it for my lad

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Now sold to @macspite.

Just 17hrs from listing to sold.

Nice one gents :+1:t2:


@macspite Great buy there Rob, fantastic Drone and at that price/ condition a bargain too :grinning:

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Looking forward to sneaking out and taking pictures of trains, tennis courts, construction sites and canoes Weather looks good for the next few days too! ;:slight_smile:


make sure you read the rules first … :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


From me sending Barry a message to the postie handing me a very well wrapped parcel was just about 36 hours. Including getting a quote for carriage and me juggling finances to send a single bank transfer

For anyone else who wants to trade with @BCF - Barry is an excellent and highly recommended person to deal with :slight_smile:

Many thanks Barry!


Blush :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

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