Mavic Air 2 for repair – customs invoice?

HI all. Sending my Mavic Air 2 back to DJI in Netherlands for repair vis UPS, but unsure what needs to be on the customs invoice, mainly the value of the (busted) drone. Anybody used this service before? Thanks!

Probably something that’s only been an issue for the last 6 days? #Brexit

Yeah, hurrah for Brexit. Now I’m a non-EU customer.

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I sent a CrystalSky off for warranty repair a couple of years ago, UPS collected and delivered, but I don’t recall having to do anything for customs? :thinking:

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Says I need to include three copies of a signed customs invoice including name address, item description and value. How much is a busted drone worth?


That’s kind of what I thought.

I’m not sure why you need to pay HMRC anything when it’s a repair that’ll be coming back in again.

Can you photo / share the document?

It’s a bunch of text on the UPS electronic return label. I just didn’t want my drone to be stuck in customs.

Think I’ll just state that it’s broken and currently has. no intrinsic value.

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Is it any different info to a standard CN22?

All you need to do is a Customs Invoice with a nominal amount on it and on the invoice say it is being returned fo repair. ON DHL when you do it on the web they ask for a reason for shipping and in the dropdown there is return fo rrepair listed.

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Indeed. Not been a new drone, you do not need to declare the value in customs.

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As we are no longer in th EU, you might need to get some professional advice on this before you send it off as you could be liable for import duty on a new replacement or cost of repair. A friend sent a camera back to USA for repair and was hit with import and VAT on the repair. Have a look at Outward Processing Relief (OPR) on Google.


You will need to add the value for insurance purposes, not for HMRC.
You may have to pay the duty on any parts that have been replaced.
DO NOT send your batteries.
Hope this helps

Hi all. DJI gave me a few details (eventually). I used the figure they gave me (€591) and filled in the necessary customs invoices. It’s gone through customs no problem and is currently being repaired. Fingers crossed for some actual drone photography in the not-too-distant-future!

Read that as “currently being swapped for a refurb”. :wink:

They do (almost) no repairs in Netherlands. Everything goes back to “cheap Chinese labour” where they have a refurb production line, stripping faulty units and doing full re-builds. These then re-emerge as replacement units.

I’d be very interested to hear what happens on the way back, especially if it’s marked up as €591

Please do let us know?

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