Mavic Air 2s Gimble Settings


Am trying to alter to a lower gimbal yaw rotation speed and smoothness on my Mavic Air 2s. I notice it goes from 100 down to 20 ! I also have the original Mavic Air and that goes to 100 to zero ( 0) Is that any reason why the Mavic Air 2s just go down to 20 ?? As I like to go down further … if I can ! The smoothness goes down to zero on both drones ….

Thank you. Steve . ( still learning 15 months into drones )

Good question, which I’d love the answer aswell if someone has one.

I haven’t got a precise answer to your question (yes, one of those annoying people :joy:), but a yaw rotation speed setting of 0 would logically seem to imply that the drone wouldn’t yaw at all.

As for the lower limit being 20, the only thing I can think of is that the number represents the number of degrees the drone will turn in a given timeframe. That’s a pure guess to be honest with you…

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