Mavic air 2S questions

Hello everyone. I’m new to this page and was just wondering if anyone out there could give me some advise. I recently upgraded form a DJI mini to a mavic air 2S and was wondering if anyone has any idea what Type of license I actually need (if needed) to fly this drone as it’s over 250g. also any tips and tricks to get better at flying through smaller gaps?

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome once again!

You will need at least an operator ID from the CAA, 9 quid. You might as well take the flyer ID test while you’re at it as it’s free. The rest depends on where you want to fly, if you want to fly closer to buildings, or indeed people. Ifbyou want to do amy of that then you will need to do the A2CofC. Would suggest you get on google and type in “the drone and model aircraft code” and be prepared for some reading.
As for flying through smaller gaps? The only answer is practice practice practice.

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You’ll need the Flyer ID as its above 250g

So you do :man_facepalming:

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Perfect. Thanks for this! I will be sure to check it out tonight.

Also do I need anything for commercial use? Getting a lot of mixed reviews from Google so I thought maybe someone on here might be doing the same thing?

Really impressed with the response times on this! Thanks!

As far as I’m aware you will also need public liability insurance for commercial work. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong but if you joined FPVUK you’ll get the insurance and be able to fly under Article 16 which lifts some restrictions for recreational use.

FPVUK Public Liability won’t cover you for commercial work.

That’s why I put recreational use :slight_smile:
But re-reading it I could have made it clearer.
Second one of these :man_facepalming: in less than 5 minutes :rofl:


If you’re going to use the Air2S for commercial use, you’ll probably need to get your GVC qualification as it’s above the 250g limit. This will also let you fly in more places and closer to people (as long as you’ve completed a risk assessment for the area/situation). It’s not a hard qualification to get, you do the course (all on line), on line exam (multiple choice) and a practical flight assessment. If/when you pass, you give the CAA £253 and they give you your Operational Authorisation. I did mine with UAVHUB (lots of people on here have used them for A2CofC and GVC), and they’re probably the biggest, annd I’ve found them to be the best, for this kind of thing. They even write your Flight Manual for you to submit to the CAA. I think the cost for the GVC is £279 at the moment.
Any questions, just ask



Thank you all agian!

I believe the application cost of a pre defined risk authorisation from the CAA is £260 not £253

Might have gone up since last June, got to renew mine in about 3 weeks.

Application is £260
Renewal is £190

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Like I say, it was £253 last June when I sent mine in. The renewal is the same at 190.
Just checked the receipt from the CAA last year, definitely £253,so it’s gone up a bit, not that it’s worrying me, I’ve already got my GVC.

Hello everyone.

Ive managed to sort out and get started with my certificates and courses so thank you all for that! Just had a couple of other questions

Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent drone (mavic Air 2S) case?I have the combo pack one but i feel like its not very sturdy at all so i want to change it.


Does anyone have any recommendations on software that is good for editing drone footage on MacOS?


A2 CofC is sufficient for most starting off in things like freelance commercial work.

Depends, if you want to fly close/over people, the A2 isn’t sufficient and you can’t use the Article 16 as that’s only for recreational purposes. Similarly if you want or need to fly in a town or city centre, you’ll probably need to fly under the PDRA01 authorisation as you’ll be over a crowd and close to buildings and vehicles.

Hi @LaleeBarnes, I have this case for my Air 2S, fits nicely in a backpack and has room for all the equipment that comes with the fly more kit.


iMovie is a good staring place, its written by Apple for your Mac.

Then FCP (Final Cut Pro), again written by Apple

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