Mavic Air Disapointment

I am returning my new Mavic air to amazon for a refund, for while it was a joy to fly, the video and still quality was just not sharp it seems that like many others I had a problem with the fixed focus on the air. Its a shame as in all other respects I loved it.

Do you have an example of the focus problem?

Are you going to purchase another?

No nothing worth keeping. The quality was nowhere near as good as the Yuneec drone that I wrote off.I may well sit back and rethink what drone to buy next summer.

Strange - I’ve seen some MA pics that are so sharp that I’ve been really impressed.

Perhaps get it swapped for a new one and try again?


In fairness, it has a softness in the corners. As always, the knack is in the processing. Either bracket exposures or just straight up tweaking. Unless you spend a considerable sum you’re getting a drone with a mobile phone quality camera on it. I’ve still produced some cracking results but it takes work.


I am now back up and running with a new drone, I now have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus, so far I am pleased with it, so much to learn… one of my first videos…

Glad to hear you’re back up and flying!

Can I ask your decision to go with the more bulky Phantom rather than the M2P ?

On looking at all the reports it seemed to do better on camera quality, but also this one was as new with two batteries for £1000 so not a bad buy.

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Yikes!, I would not have spent my hard earned on old tech such as the P4, even if it was the Pro Plus version.
I would have slung another few quid in the kitty and gone for a M2P/M2Z if it were me.

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