Mavic air FPV

Think these guys might have a good idea


Cool :sunglasses:

You can use Litchi to make the Mavic Air a FPV drone. You just need:
a. a £10 pair of goggles like (
b. your iPhone or other device
This video shows how:

The quality is not as good as with dedicated equipment, but it’s £500 less, and doesn’t require any modification to your aircraft, so I’ll live with it.

It was a fun investment of £10 for me, but I am not certain how often I will use it.


Just ensure you set your Mavic to only use 2.4GHz otherwise your FPV and your control link will be quite short range.


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This is cool, how many people here have experience using FPV mode with Litchi?

I don’t use Litchi but I do quite often fly my Anafi FPV, Parrot’s APP supports stereoscopic vision. I’ve also recently acquired a 3DR Solo and the Solex APP also supports stereoscopic vision. However the Solo’s controller also has HDMI out so I can plug my regular FPV goggles in.

I always recommend anyone trying FPV for the first time do it sitting down, especially if you’re prone to any kind of motion disorientation.

I’ve flown my Spark FPV by using the HDMI out of one of my tablets into my regular FPV goggles but it can be a bit of a faff.

I bought some of the £10 goggles to do this using my Mavic Air, and it does work well. However, some skill is required if you weren’t brought up on FPV devices…

For some reason (and not to do with the plastic optics of the cheap lenses), the actual picture quality is severely compromised.

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I would have thought that will be because a 720p image will be reduced to < half the pixels on your phone.

Just tested that, and of course you’re right…

The “normal” Litchi screen:

The FPV Litchi screen:

Rescaling the normal screen to the size of one of the FPV screens:

it’s almost impossible to tell them apart.

Probably I had not noticed how little of the phone display Litchi actually uses, and presumably that’s to accommodate the optics of of the viewer