Mavic Air, Litchi and Waypoints - YouTube Video

I decided to have my first go at a YouTube video on drone flying, having learnt so much from others’ videos in my first couple of months (and before buying).

It isn’t aimed at people learning how to use Litchi - Litchi’s own videos are very good at that. Instead it is meant to cover the full process for an intermediate user: ambition, mission, safety factors, editing missions and flying them. The video makes a case for using Litchi relatively early in your droning career, but does not review Litchi in respect of DJI’s own waypoint system, or any others.

There is also an abbreviated film of the mission, and you might discover something about Edinburgh…

You can find it at:


To me this is an outstanding and overly modest presentation. I suggest 30fps works better than 24 or 25 (not sure why but others agree) and the flip up of the gimbol is either a spurion from the radio mast or a minor improper waypoint edit… aim for one sixtieth shutter…

Bruce - thank you for your comments, both here and on YouTube - much appreciated.

Elsewhere this group has discussed the relative advantages of 25/50fps in the UK, and the “stuttering” effect of 30/60fps on UK displays. I am still not sure where I stand, but on my machine, even at 4K, the video is smooth. I try to make my shutter speed “one half” of the framerate, so it is a 1/50 shutter on 25fps in the film. Because my filter wasn’t dark enough, the 4K film is slightly over-exposed.

With regard to the gimbal, I have now published this mission on Litchi - it is one of the 3 within Edinburgh’s bypass area. Any comments most welcome!