Mavic Air Onyx Black - Fly more package

Hi all,

Whilst I’ve not owned the Air for long (intact, its only been used once) As much as I would like to, I just don’t think ill get the time to fly it, (and we’ve just had a house purchase, so need the funds) the front is an Onyx black. I have the various fly more accessories, the box, and iOS, and android controller cables. Ive had to use a set of the spare props, as the original ones were slightly out of shape (seems to be when it was folded for transit) It also has the prop guards too, I anyone wants to give me a bell, I would be happy to meet in person, or send the drone by delivery. I would be happy to chat about it as well, I would be looking for £850 for the package


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With the interesting weather we’ve been having, I’ve now decided to keep the drone, and give it a go :slight_smile: so no longer for sale.

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Excellent news :smiley:

Certainly seems an impressive little thing :slight_smile: Can see this being quite addictive!

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